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Good Day

Having problems with home manage...
I am using Homage Manage 2018 version / Windows 10 Pro

think files may be out of sync....

when selecting an item to change the status field.... I select the item number type in the new status, tab and then click on ok... record closes but field not changed... this happens Sporadically


from time to time when working in the program  I get an error screen that says "encountered an invalid argument"  files are locked up and I cant get out of the screen without going to task manager and shutting  down the program. Very sporadic on this but happens very often. This just happen right now I selected an item then mover the cursor to a field in the record with the mouse and I got this error... I didn't even try to do anything to the record ... had to go to task manager and close the program


When selecting an item to change I will search for the item, select the item, the go to the additional tab, and there will be information from other items like its looking at the wrong record. This also is happening very Sporadically


This program as it is now is unreliable, and I can't trust that any thing else I enter will be properly recorded....Really need help in getting this fixed.....would have to delete program. I have backup going back to June 2018 ...but what was entered since then would be lost. Hate to try and restore a back up and the if that's mess up??????

I would attach files but I have 931 items listed with pictures and additional information in the records.

Please Please some input from someone on this to get files to operate correctly. Lot of time spent entering this inventory info

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I have brought the bottom have all the way to the bottom and added 2 records today.... edited a couple more.... No problem yet...  I will be working on the inventory records somemore tomorrow and will give you an update if I get the invalid argument..

Thanks for the suggestion.... I will be watching this closely and will give you an update soon...

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I think I found the problem why always getting corrupt  and frozen files...USING A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COMPUTER USING THE 2015 TRIAL VERSION OF HM.
First: I noticed that the last time the "Notebook" data was updated was with a 2015 version, at least that what I saw using the 2015 version of HM. I changed a lot of status and review the notebook entries and they all showed the updated status. I also changed serial numbers and no problems. No freezes...I was using a old back up file dated 2-3-2018
I think after this the coding may have gone haywire as I can see no changes in the notebook entries after the 2015 version. That is ....I can find no status changes dated after 2015 in the notebook tab.

Again, this is on a fresh install of windows 7 pro on an ASUS MB using an AMD processor with 16M ram on my test box. Please let me know if you confirm this I really would like to get started entering some new inventory items....

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