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I just updated by StampManage 2018 with StampManage 2019 and my Collection is missing.

I've had this problem before and I had to re-enter my whole Collection.  I don't want to do it again.

I am running Windows 10 and it is all to date.  Yes, I am using Avast (the Free Version) and it is all up to date, too.

Please advise

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I found STAMPDATA.MDB in C:\Users\Don\Documents\StampManage\IMPORT\StampData.mdb .

I also found a STAMPDATA2018.MDB, STAMPDATA2019.MDB and STAMPDATA.MDB.bk1.

BTW, I got the an error when I installed StampManage 2019.  See the first attachment.

I also get an error when I Start STAMPMANAGE, either 2018 or 2019.  See the second attachment.

StampManage 2019 Error after Installing.PNG

StampManage 2019 Startup - Error after loading everthing.PNG

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these problems are almost always a case where the old data file is in another folder.  moving it to the current data folder fixes the issue.  As we stated in the last response, we can remote to your machine and do this for you if you need it.  Just got off a remote control where we fixed this for a CurrencyManage user in the same situation

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Guest fangirljen

I have sent you a detailed email.  The problem started before I even updated to 2019.  

Yesterday, I opened StampManage 2014.  It took a long time to open as it was "converting" all of the program data for each country (updated values maybe?).  When it finally opened, it had an error "Failed to delete file 32".  I clicked OK. 

Firstly, why does it take so long to open every single time?  It seems to be making the same corrections/updates to its general data and tables over and over again, each time that I open the program.  (due to the problems detailed below, I opened and closed the program several times yesterday)  I have hi-speed internet, but it takes about ½ hour just for the main page of the program to come up.

Once the program finally loaded (with the odd “Failed to delete file 32” message), I clicked on "My collection" in the program and there wasn't anything there.  My collection has disappeared.  I found a file "StampData.mdb" on my computer and checked that the preferences (under the tools menu) were pointing to it, but still, nothing...  I also have lots of scanned images linked to my data and don’t want to lose their link to the data entries, but at least I do still have the original scanned images.

I went ahead and purchased and downloaded the new StampManage 2019 version.  This is my third version of the program now and there are many files in multiple places on my computer (under program files and user documents).  I'm not sure what is actually necessary. 

If I need you to remote access my computer, what is the process for making that happen?  Do I telephone you?  What hours are you available?  I'm at work now, so away from my home computer.


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I am still having the same issues.  How do I make an appointment to for you to remote access my home computer? (I am currently at work)

1.  "Failed to delete file 32" error message

2.  The program imports/updates every time that I open it which then takes about 1/2 hour.

3.  My Collection is missing, despite having STAMPDATA.MDB (as well as STAMPDATA2014.MDB, STAMPDATA2019.MDB, and backups in the folder designated in the program under "tools")

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we are online all day today, Kindly come to our online chat and someone can remote to your machine.  before doing this, please download the free app from www.teamviewer.com .  Run the app and get the ID + PASSWORD.  keep it open when you connect to our online chat.

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