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Import a set into a collection using a .CSV file format


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Folks, I just want to import data into my collection programmatically in order to save a lot of time.

The data is just a .csv formatted text file with headers and 246 records.

I was wondering if there is a specific tool available which will allow me to map the .csv file's column headers to the StampManage .MDB MS Access database column headers thereby importing in one go the whole dataset as per the attached image instead of manually adding each stamp to the database via the front end.

Much appreciated.


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You have to have the Scott Number (plus a,b,c below) for each stamp before you can import ( or copy and Paste to Stamp Manage).  From the print out shown you have Stanley Gibbons numbers only.

To enable an import (or copy and paste) into the database one needs

a)the CountryID for New Caladonia to be set to 684

b)the TypeID of stamp e.g General Issue = 20812 to be entered (Postage Due, Airmail etc have different TypeID numbers)

c) the Unique Scott Number needs to be included in the data base.

ab&c have to be UNIQUE for each stamp, prior to a copy and paste into the database.

c) Your list suggests that the Scott Number has NO Prefix or suffix, (e.g Both Blank Fields) which makes it slightly easier to import (or copy & Paste). However c) the UNIQUE Scott Number needs to appear firstly as combined TEXT (Prefix+Number+Suffix) Format. Secondly the Scott Number then needs to appear as Three seperate fields(Prefix+Number+Suffix) with Prefix & Suffix as Text Fields and the Number as a NUMBER field within the SM Database.

This is minimum requirement to import (or copy and Paste to Stamp Manage)

If you wish to Email me a Excel copy of the 246 records, I'll have a crack at conversion to Stamp Manage.

From colinATcolinpattrickDOTcom

with ¾million Unique Database Records

This includes 825+ New Caladonia Images which I will supply a link in the next few days.

My New Caladonia database has 1500+ records with denominations, plus other fields. S its worth a crack

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