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Hi, the 1st version of CoinManage for the Mac was accepted by the Mac App Store earlier today.

Before considering a purchase, please read these release notes below:

1/ The 1st edition has only a fraction of the features that the Windows version does. We are going to work hard to get more features into the application as soon as possible.

2/ By the end of this month we should release a new version with the latest 2018 / 2019  coins in the database. Right now the Mac database is about 9 months behind the new 2019 Windows CoinManage

3/ The cost of the program is 29.99, updates will be free.  Later this year we will add some in app purchases, probably Canada database, Uk database and maybe some in app Value updates.  We will probably increase the price to 39.99 later this year when the program has image capabilities and other new features.

4/ The best feature in the Mac version is the automatic iCloud backup.  If you have iCloud enabled the program will automatically backup your data to iCloud.  Even better, if you have a 2nd or 3rd Mac all you need to do is download the app at no extra charge.  The 1st time you run the app will download all your data.  No manual BACKUP & RESTORE nonsense.  We have already started work on an iOS version for the iPhone / iPad.  When it is ready later this year it will also connect to the same iCloud database and so you can automatically share your data among Apple devices on the same iCloud account.

The link to the CoinManage Mac app is below, we will do 1 or 2 videos this week showing how to get started.


any questions, please feel free to ask here on the forum.


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