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How to show single, plate block, sheet, same #

Guest Peter

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Should I  create more than one record to show multiple varieties of catalog number. Example I have US number 1278 I have single mint, plate block, full sheet, and a used copy. Do I make 4 records, or can I make just one.

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Hi you should create 4 separate items.  You can use the CLONE command to copy a stamp record.  Or you can use the APPLY button in the ADD STAMP dialog to add the same stamp 4 times.  I would not create 4 separate items using the STAMP DATA MANAGER as there should only be 1 entry for each SCOTT NUMBER.

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Scott uses multiple entries for a single stamp. It uses additional letters to describe varieties such as in Telegraph stamps: 4T2a horizontal pair, 4T2b vertical pair, 4T2c imperforated pair. Sometimes they use letters to describe color variations, thick papers, etc. etc.

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