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Scott 4868 has 3 Varieties

Guest Ray

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Scott 4868 - coil - Forever - Flag & Fireworks. I have 3 varieties. One with the "SSP" microprint above the flagpole in the fireworks; one with the "APU" microprint in the bottom white bar of the flag against the flagpole; and, one with no microprint.


1. What do SSP and APU stand for?

2. Is there a Scott Variety number (e.g. 1st described above is 4868, second is 4868a, and last with o microprint is 4868b) for each variety?





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Hi Ray



This link has 158 different suggestions for what SSP stands for

This Link has 36 different suggestions for what APU stands for

Sorry I don't know the answer.


Don't know the answer either. One would need a specialist catalouge and I don't have access to one.

Great Stamp collecting, sorry couldn't help


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Ray,  the APU (Ashton-Potter (USA)) coil stamp with the USPS microprint in the bottom white stripe of the flag is Scott # 4854.  The SSP (Sennet Security Products) coil stamp with the USPS microprint above the flagpole is Scott # 4868.  The SSP stamp without the microprint is a booklet stamp Scott #4869.  All of these stamps are listed in Stampmanage but the photos may not show the microprint. 



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