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General question on each countries categories


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Is there a reason for the inconsistencies you see between countries on the names given to some basic categories?

The largest example is ... "Regular Issue" vs "General Issue" ... another but lesser example is "Air Post" vs "Air Mail".

I get that much may come from cultural terminology differences but being somewhat a detail nut I find it annoying ... just as with the upper/lower case variations. I know it is rather silly but am curious if it's more than just how people think of them personally.

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yes you are correct, we should stick to general issues or regular issues.  Any comments on which one it should be are welcome.

Regarding Air Mail vs. Air Post I believe that is specific to the country, the USA seems to use Air Mail while many other countries use Air Post.

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Guest RoyBl

I have an issue related to this. I discovered that there is now both a "General Issues" and a "general issues" in many of the countries.  In older parts of my database where the stamps are in the "General Issues" Category, when I now add a new variety it forces itself into the "general issues" category and suddenly I have two containers of stamps within a country in my collection.  I would like to be able to merge categories where appropriate - and I don't care which is which but I don't want to lose years of data entry.

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This is because when you have a Country it can contain different Types of Stamps, (such as General Issue, Airmail,  Postage due etc ). These categories or Types (as SM calls them), of stamps have different TypeID numbers tied to the CountryID.

It is possible to set up  "General Issues" and "general issues" for the same Country and these would have different TypeID's and be in different categories/types, like airmail and postage due.

Q. What Country are you referring to? as I am unaware of any single Country with this situation.

Agree there should be conformity with names of different categories/types.

With regards to merging. This is is not a simple copy and paste exercise. 

If you contact me direct i can try to help.


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