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Import from CoinManage 2019 Windows

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Hi I'm trying to migrate to Mac OS and CoinManage software is the last piece that is preventing me from retiring my Windows PC.


I have license to CoinManage 2019 and also just purchased CoinManage Mac.  I know not all the features are there yet in the Mac version, which is why it would be difficult to do a migration.  Do you have plans for creating an import utility and timing?  If the timing window is too far out, can I get a refund for my Mac version purchase?  I can't really use my Mac version until I import all the data from the Windows version.



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I have a huge database with pictures from an old 2007 version of CoinManage on an old PC.  I exported the entire database & pictures to a flash drive because even though I loved your software, I no longer trusted the PC/Windows platform.  I have been using Mac iOS ever since, but I am still waiting for your confirmation that my database will successfully migrate to the Mac iOS version before I will purchase it for my MacBook Pro.

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