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Year Purchased and Sold


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I am starting to use the StampManage program and have a lot of stamps to enter.  One thing that I would like to do is to enter only the year (rather than the exact date) for the purchase and or sold date.  If that is possible, I don't seem to know how to do that...and if not, I think it would be a good idea for a future enhancement.  I have stamps to enter that have been purchased 50+ years ago, etc. and though I like to keep that information in my database, the exact dates are unavailable and really not that important anyway.  Anyone have any thoughts on this, plus or minus?  Thanks, Ken

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Yes I agree. Date & Year should be seperate. Date seems okay but Year is a mess within the database. Agree Year should be a 'short text' field as one needs to enter year spans (1860-1862).

But this has not stopped the Misuse of this field.

Year field should be Year only The rejection of entries NOT 'numeric' or '-' should be built into the database.

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YearPurchased could be a new column.  On upgrade this field could be populated by grabbing the Year([Date Purchased]) and slapping that in for pre-existing entries.

I like the Date Picker that we have it's quite handy, if we added a Year Field and then the user unchecked the checkmark  I am envisioning only the year field would be populated.

Or we just split apart Month Day Year and make them nullable, but ONLY allow numeric, then for DB insertion those could be entered in to the DB as a date/Time Field if the Month Day Year are populated. If only the year is populated then Only Populate the new column Year Purchased.

If only Month And Day, do not allow entry to be saved and perhaps offer some validation with UI prompting, perhaps the Missing Field would be Highlighted in Red Text instead of the normal black....

just tossing out some quick ideas



In regards to PatrickColin's comments perhaps the data contracts for accepting changes/updates/inserts needs to be updated, to prevent inconsistent/unintended use of the field(s)

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I was referring to Year Issued, as appertaining to when the Set was issued. Some Sets (definatives) are issued over a number of years e.g 1920-1923. Whereas Date issued shows exact date of issue. To keep sets together within the database, it is not correct to just use the year field extracted from DATE Issued.

A year purchased field is only applicable to an individual purchaser, and not of any use to the SM world.

I do agree that YEAR is not clearly defined, within SM.


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