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US Scott 56 >>>>65-e15h


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One of the stamps in my collection is/was Scott #56.  At some point, the Scott catalog changed that and a few other stamps to be part of what they call "1861 First Design Essays and Trial Color Proofs".  And that stamp now has the designation as Scott #65-e15h.    However, the StampManage database incorrectly shows that in the proof section as #63-e15h.  (Also the StampManage database incorrectly still includes a listing for #56 in the general issues section....though without any pricing information.  And it also includes #55 and 57-62 there which have also been moved to the proof category and given different numbers.)  So I am not sure how to deal with all of this.  Also, when I look at the StampManage Database there does seem to be a #65-e15h shown in the General Issues category.  Frankly, since I was trying to figure out what to do with this stamp, I really don't know if I mistakenly created that in the general issues category of the Database of if it was always there.  Being very new to StampManage, I am not sure how to correctly enter this stamp and have it appear in the proof section rather than the general issue section and also of course the error in the StampManage proof section of the database (i.e. #63 vs #65) should be corrected in an update I guess?  So any help would be appreciated.  Thanks, Ken

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