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Sold Stamps Not Categorized Until Close/Reopen Program


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I am  new to this program and am entering my collection.  In addition to my current collection, my database also includes stamps that I have sold over the years.  When I enter stamps information it initially puts all stamps (sold, unsold, etc.) into the current window which in my case is typically the My Collection folder - United States.  So even  though I am entering Sold Stamps, those stamps do not go directly into the Sold Stamps folder.  The only way I can be sure that they are getting properly placed into the Sold Stamps folder is by closing the program, then re-opening it.  At that point all the sold stamps properly appear in the Sold Stamps folder.  So my questions are: Is this the way the program is designed to work?  Is there another way to get the Sold Stamps into the proper place without closing/opening the program? (I know that if I have the Sold Stamps window open then the Sold Stamps will go directly into the Sold Stamps Folder...however then the unsold stamps go there until the program is closed/opened.)  Hopefully this is clear...thanks for any assistance, Ken

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