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Confused By Reporting System for SM errors


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When entering a couple of US Postmaster Provisional Stamps in SM 2019, I noticed that the descriptions of those stamps in the database were incorrect.  10x and 11x types incorrectly showed "George Washington" while 9x types which should have been Washington were blank.  So, using the Stamp Data Manager I made the appropriate corrections.  Then I clicked "Submit User Changes to Liberty...".  But it seem to upload a bunch of images and if I am not mistaken several thousand items....not just the changes I made in the Stamp Data Manager.  So did I submit the changes properly, will they be noticed among all the other things that might have been uploaded?  Thoroughly confused if I did this right or not. Ken

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Hi, if you edit a variety and then do a SUBMIT CHANGES.  We will receive the edit changes.  We manually look at the edits and sometimes miss an important edit,.  we will try to add some sort of flag so the user can say a variety has an error.  we will then look up the stamp and any corrections the user has made...Until then, if you could just let us know of any errors by emailing your username on your computer and any other info ...we will spend more time going over any edits you have made.

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