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Error Code 28 on re-activation


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Hi, I have been using StampManage perfectly for quite a while.  SM2019 is my version.  All of a sudden it's asking me to reactivate it.  I'm getting error code 28 on the reactivation of the activation key.  I've retrieved my code and still have the same error code 28.  I've also tried running it "as administrator", same problem.
On a manual activate I'm getting another error dialog box "Activation Request file failed to save. Make sure you have permission to save files to that folder."  This is my home computer and all virus software and Windows firewall is off to make sure there's not conflict.  I am the administrator and have read/write access to the folders.
What do I do?  StampManage won't start up.
Thank you
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I tried it again and the activation worked.  The problem has been here since Saturday and I've tried it about 15 times since then with the last time at 7:00 am ET this morning.  I did not try it again until here at 6:00pm ET.  The only thing that changed is the StampManage support site upgrade is finished.  Does this have anything to do with it?  I hate the idea that the software I purchased requires connecting to your site periodically.  

It's a burden because I am managing my business inventory with your software and I was down for 3 days.  I never received a reply on this issue which is pretty disappointing! 

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