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Photo's ?

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 Just purchased this Mac app for my son's collections. There is a learning curve here... Is it possible to have pictures of our coins imported? We were thinking for insurance reasons, this would be pretty handy.. 

 And where might we find instructions so we don't screw up from the start! 

We are very excited to use this product!



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Hi, in a month or 2 the program willl allow unlimited photos to be attached to each item.  We are also creating a GETTING STARTED video.  When the new free update comes out you will see it under the HELP menu called GETTING STARTED TUTORIAL

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Also when will you add Graded by ... Date purchased ... and the serial numbers of the coins ... If you can add these three plus the photos then I believe I can begin moving my coins from VM Windows version piece meal and not wait for your version that will transfer all the coins at the end of the year.

Also will these photos be the generic types OR can we import our own photos which can be more accurate to the coin ... plus will there be a obverse photo and reverse photo that we can import like the regular Coin Manage Windows version allows


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I'm very interested in your software, but it doesn't seem like the Mac OS version is going anywhere. Are you still intending to develop for Mac OS?

If so, do you have a realistic timeframe for releasing a version that supports photos - that's a very important feature for me. It really helps to have photos with the catalog for insurance purposes. Right now I would have to maintain a photo database outwith your software, and that's not very maintainable.



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Hi, we are releasing an update that included Canada & UK coins in the next week.  We have been working on the photos feature, it will be several weeks more, the program does automatic backup to iCloud which makes the feature quite a bit more complicated to program.  sorry for the delay.

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On 9/30/2020 at 10:16 AM, David Launarey said:

The images/photos feature has been added but it is not functional. Photos cannot be added ...

Plus please add video or drop down in the menu to help us add a photo.



You should be good-to-go on this.  The latest update supports adding of photos to coin records.


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