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Check for updates no longer works

Guest vkb

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The "Check For Updates" menu item doesn't work for me either. It launches a dialog box that looks right, it runs (green progress bar completes quickly), then says the update application has been updated and a restart is needed. After the restart of HomeManage, running the check again produces the same results. No update check is ever completed -- only updates to the update application. The exact message says: "The update application has been updated and must restart in order to continue." I attached a picture of this box.


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Guest Unable to update

I am getting frustrated. I have had the problem with updating for months and initially received a reply that it must be my computer and never heard anything else. Have they abandoned this program?

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Guest Same issue here.

Version does not do anything when check for updates is requested.  Is my version the latest?  How are we to get fixes?

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Guest Dale

The update problem seems to have been resolved with the most recent update which is 18.03.19, you can download by going to the main page and requested the trial/update which will recognize your registration. Works great!!

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Guest Graham UK

Tried contacting Liberty regarding update button not working but they just say they'll look into it meanwhile, they are trying to sell another version (2019) without fixing (?) existing bugs. Really poor support, starting to wonder if it's time to move to another provider - one that supports the customer.

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