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Selling just 1 coin when I own several


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So lets say I have 20 of a certain coin (that I originally bought in 1 transaction, such as a tube of 20 American Silver Eagles) and I sell one of them.  Right now it seems very cumbersome to have the program move just 1 of the 20 to the "Sold Coins" section and decrement the number owned from 20 to 19. The only way I have figured out how to do this is to follow these steps:

1. Double click the coin to edit it and manually change the quantity  from 20 to 19. 

2. Now go in and create another purchase of just one using the same purchase information as the original 20 (date bought, who I bought it from, price paid, etc)

3. Now go in and enter the sold info for that 1 coin.

Isn't there a way to go into the original 20 and tell the program that I only sold 1 so it doesn't move all 20 to the sold section?

Thanks for explaining any shortcuts I may be overlooking.


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we have the CLONE feature.  You could clone the item with 20 coins. Change the quantity of the copy to 1.  Change the quantity of the original to 19.

when adding records, you could also use the CLONE to quickly create 20 copies of the coin.  Which would make it easier later when you sell them


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