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Upgrade from SM2006 to SM2019

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I purchased SM2006 on CD (still have disk and registration number) and used it for many years on a desktop computer using Windows XP. I took several years off from collecting, and bought a new laptop this year, Windows 10, with no CD- drive. How can I upgrade to SM2019 without buying an external CD drive, given that I have all the purchase information? What's easiest?


LaVerne, happy SM User

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Hi, 2 options are to order the download upgrade or just order the DVD upgrade and we can send it to you on USB flash drive.  So no need for a DVD/CD drive.  The download upgrade requires downloading over 7GB of files so you would need a solid internet connection.


is the location for our StampManage Deluxe upgrades, I assume you had the 2006 Deluxe version?

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