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AssetManage bug with new W10 computer

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My wife and I have used previous versions of Homemanage for several years, sharing the database via Dropbox. My computer was running Windows 7 64 bit, and hers running Windows 10 64 bit, and no problems. Recently I bought a new computer, Dell G3 with Windows 10 64 bit, and SSD+HDD.

PROBLEM: the database loads, and I can inspect and amend most fields for an item. Except that every time I click the Item Pictures tab, the program immediately closes, without ceremony or any error message. I have tried rebooting; uninstalling and reinstalling, with no resolution. I also updated to the latest Homemanage 2018 (v18.0.0.18). This is not a destructive bug – we can still manage the database from my wife's computer, and there is no doubt we are both accessing the same data file in Dropbox. Any suggestions please?

A month ago I tried emailing directly to the Liberty Street helpline, then sent a reminder after two weeks, but still no reply. Is there anybody there? Please check your spam filter, and if someone will only reply, I can send a log file.
- Ed.


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You are not alone. I have exactly the same problem on my laptop. I have the HomeManage database on a local NAS on my home network and I can access it from either my desktop or my laptop, both of which run Windows 10 x64 (but previously ran Windows 7 successfully). Only my laptop exhibits this behavior and I have no idea why. It is just as you say...as soon as I click the Item Pictures tab on the Item Properties dialog box, the application disappears from the screen with no error messages, no notification of any kind. And upon restart, all my data is as it was before the incident. Although it's good that it doesn't lose data, I cannot add or manage pictures from my laptop. That's a hassle. Clearly the app doesn't like something, but its not clear what that is or how to remedy it.

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