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Post Upgrade - Import Database

Guest John

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ANyone have issues with CM spending a minute or two on every run importing the coin database stuff. It is doing this every time since the update. I don't recall it doing this previously. 

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Hi, we have seen this a couple times when the customer has the DATA folder set to the IMPORT folder.  If you select


from the main menu can you tell me the complete path name of the folder that is opened?

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Yeah, I'm about done with CM. Answers seem to be few and far between. Looking through the database, there's all kinds of coins missing, so I'm having to enter tons of stuff myself. The PCGS lookup rarely ever works. And when I did the June update, it changed all my multiple quantities to single. I had to go through and correct a bunch of coins that were enter with quantities greater then 1. CM never provides pricing based on grade, so I'm really not sure what benefit CM provides. I could easily do this in Excel and be a heck of a lot more efficient. Software definitely isn't worth the price. 

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