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I recently upgraded my laptop and with a new hard drive I had to reinstall everything including CoinManage. I downloaded the latest build and added my license number and all was well. I brought it up with my last copy of CoinDESC.mdb (I was able to rescue my files from my old hard drive) and all was going great until tonight when I noticed my status bar didn't have the count of coins of the type I brought up. I know if I have more then 1500 it will show >1500 but I got used to seeing that there. Did I not do something when I reinstalled my mdb file? Or was there something about this new upgrade? Would like to know...



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When all else fails reboot. Or better yet try that first. The missing status bar has reappeared, no issue today. And oh yes, all coins seem to be present but at the time all parts of the status bar were missing. All is good today...

thanks for the quick response...


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Hope you don't mind me jumping in, but I am having the same problem with the status bar. I've reboot the laptop, restarted the program ( goes without saying ). It's been going on for a few days to close to a week. What I see now is:  " >1500 --- --- " I haven't noticed any missing coins. My coin count is close to 1600 pcs at the moment. I love the program.

Thanks in advance


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