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Importing multiple sub folders under multiple categories


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I am using StampManage Deluxe 2019 on Windows 10. My stamps are on pages and I’ve photographed them by country each page containing 1 or 50 stamps per page which then is saved as the collection by page. My stamps are each imaged from these pages by (page number, row ,denomination, country, and color) as a series of photographs in series. This is a HUGE collection and my question is this … How do I import my stamps which are sub folders under each country as it’s filename and country as a batch???

Thanks NHBill

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Stamp Manage does not store the Country Name for each database entry but uses a CountryID number.

Each country issues different types of stamps e.g. General Issue, Air Postage, Postage Due, etc. So there is a Stamp Manage TypeID for this. This TypeID for Air Postage is a different ID for every country, likewise General Issue, Postage Due etc.

The Stamp Manage database uses CountryID and TypeID to help sort the database, before the correct allocation of the Scott number.

Sorry a batch import into Stamp Manage is not possible as each image in your database would need the Scott Number added. To complicate your problem still further, the Scott Number has to be imported as a Text style Number and it also needs importing as Suffix+number+prefix (Suffix and prefix as Text, and Number as numeric)

Email me if you want      colinATcolinpattrickDOTcom

I can give you guidance on making your image Files into a Database.

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