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DR# Sorting Error?

Guest Jeremy

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I just downloaded CurrencyManage 2019.  While adding Federal Reserve Notes (the only kind I have added so far), it's difficult because even when sorting by FR#, they are not in order.  For example, Series 1963 goes: 1900-I, 1900-A, 1900-L*, 1900-L, 1900-K*, 1900-K, 1900-J*, 1900-I*, 1900-H*, 1900-H, 1900-G*, 1900-G, 1900-B*, 1900-J, 1900-B, 1900-F*, 1900-C, 1900-C*, 1900-D, 1900-D*, 1900-E, 1900-E*, 1900-F, and 1900-A*.  There is no rhyme or reason for the sorting.  And this goes for every series.  Sorting within my collection is also the same; will not sort correctly by FR#.  I would expect sorting to go something like: 1900-A, 1900-B, 1900-C, 1900-D, 1900-E (etc) and then 1900-A*, 1900-B*, 1900-C*, 1900-D*, 1900-E* (etc).  Reports also sort them in this odd order.  

Adding Currency.PNG



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