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Unrecognized DB Format

Guest Larry Burbidge

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Guest Larry Burbidge

I have sent several emails to Libertyst @gmail.com regarding problem and have had no response. I am not sure emails even got there, I cannot do anything with the stamp manage program at all. I want to do additional work but cannot. Can someone please assist. thank you!

StampData.ldb StampData.mdb Update.mdb Update.mdb.bak Update.mdb.bk1 Update.mdb.bk2 Update.mdb.bk3 Update.mdb.bk4 Update.mdb.bk5

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Guest I did. I replaced old file

I did receive it. I replaced my old file with the one you sent. I was able to now get into database but a lot of my collection is missing. Been working with Paul and he had me install "Teamviewer" which I did but have not heard from anyone after this. i don't want to have to rebuild database as it took me a long time and a lot of effort. If i have to rebuild i will look at other products as Stamp manager support in my opinion is not very good.  I haven't been able to do anything at all and it is impacting things I need to do on my collection.         Can you help??

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Guest Too Bad


I have the same issue and have not received any responses, I am ready to reenter over 20 years of a collection into another Coin software program where they provide an immediate response. I hate to do this as I have been a coinmanage customer all these years and this will be a tremndous undertaking, but it appears I have no choice. 


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