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Guest Howie911

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Guest Howie911

I recently paid (Paypal) for the downloadable version for Home Inventory (approximately 7 days ago) and downloaded the trial software.  I have yet to receive the product Key.  I have attempted to call and left voicemail.  I have also emailed a request and have received no response.  Can anyone help?


Thank You 

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Guest dhvk0422

I purchased HomeManage a year ago and neither product keys received worked (I had to request a second after the first was met with invalid product key message).  I received the same slow response I has been indicated in many of the posts--left multiple phone messages; tried email.  I work in Kazakhstan so had to just drop my attempts until now.  I noticed that--although I have version 2019 ( loaded on my machine (and I purchased the product in Feb. 2019)-- the Product Key that can be found using the https://www.libertystreet.com/Find-Code.htm site only gets a positive hit (if the form of a message saying, we already sent you a product code) under the 2018 version.  I suspect I'm being issued old product keys and that's why they're not working. 

It would be nice to be able to use a product I already paid for.  Are you still holding my money aside until I getting a working version of your product?  I didn't think so.

Very dissatisfied on multiple levels,

Dennis Hutchison 

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