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No Values Showing for any country in new 2020 version.


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I just downloaded and installed the 2020 version of the deluxe program.  (I have not yet activated it because I need to check out some problems before I go ahead and activate it.)  I downloaded it to a different computer from where my current database is located to be sure that I could clearly see what is in the version without any interference with changes that I have made in my own database.

So when I go to the "add stamp" area and click on any country, every single stamp shows either as no value or a value of $0.00 for all categories (eg., fine, vf, used, mint, etc.)

Any idea what is happening here?  And what I can do to get the prices to show?

Thanks, Ken

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Guest Dan Crowson

I just updated today and I see the 2020 selection. Mine was set to 2009 and had a list of various versions that I had purchased over the years. Unfortunately, the 'value' of the US collection did not change from the report I ran in 2016. I'm wondering if the value tables didn't get updated correctly during the upgrade? I also ran a report on my HK collection and it shows a value of 25 cents for around 1,000 stamps. When I toggle through them in the program, I do see some values.


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Guest Guest Mike

I installed StampManage 2020 2 days ago the "Values" in the "preferences" only goes up to 2007.  I updated the data file. How to I get the 2020 values?

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