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Reinstalled Coinmanage Delux 2020 - Original Activation Code Does not Work


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Can anyone help ? Purchased Coinmanage Deluxe and had error messages saying MS Jet engine was missing and input table or query 2019 was miss spelt or missing. Tried to contact TeckhSupport@libertystreet.com on 5/2/2020 giving them screen shots of error messages - got no reply. Decided to reinstall database only to find the activation code would not work. Have again sent email to  TeckhSupport@libertystreet.com  on 12/2/2020  requesting a replacement activation code - no reply as of now - is this normal ? - The database looks good. If only I could get it to work. Has anyone had similar problems contacting support ?

Looks like no problems with support - Thanks Paul  issue resolved - 

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From the Support Page:
- I purchased a new machine (or my computer crashed) and need to download CoinManage again.
- I get a "Code In Use" error when trying to activate CoinManage.
- I misplaced (or have'nt received) my code and need to have it sent to me.
We have a new Code Retrieval Page.  Enter your email there and you can have the download link and code sent to you.  The code will also be deactivated so that you will not receive the "Code In Use" error.
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