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Guest Colin Pattrick

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Guest Colin Pattrick

Here is a Link to my ASCENSION ISLAND Image Database. It contains 1,40+ Images, all using Scott Numbers.

The download will run in the background.

1,400+  ASCANION ISLAND Images (CountryID 391)  https://ln2.sync.com/dl/dc9abf290/ad72iymc-bk43j3b3-8zzfrrdb-a77bbw9i

The link will load into a folder "Sync/Colins Stamp Images".

Be aware that this is a live feed to all ASCENSION ISLAND Images. As I add/edit more images these will automatically be added. You are advised to copy and paste the "Sync/Colins stamp Images/391" folder into “Stamp Manage Images”/391 because if I discontinue the link you will also lose the images, within “Colins Stamp Images” (I'm on a pension, the link stays LIVE whilst I fund it)

The images are freely available for anyone to download.

Regards colinATcolinpattrickDOTcom


More Images added to my World Collection making 350,500 Images. Download here:-

Colins 350,500 World Stamp Images https://ln2.sync.com/dl/6d913a800/5g3xm4r2-6zhcz2yf-78ja4f9x-bayuwmx3

If you have already downloaded the World Collection then the additional stamps (including these ASCENSION ISLAND ones) will already been Synced on your computer.

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Guest Colin Pattrick
On 2/16/2020 at 2:33 PM, Guest crg said:

Thanks for the Ascension images Pattrick, great timing for me.

fwiw, get a link does not exist for the World images link

The link to my World Images Link is going to be too costly for me to maintain. So i am setting up a Paypal Link for those that think £5 donation is a fair sum to donate per country. It was with grateful thanks to Liberty Street Management that has taken me there. Its not set up at present. I am going to start a country at a time, request the donations and see where it goes. Glad you like Ascension, added a few more images, it should be now 1,600 live images you see.


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