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Adding Stamps to the Catalog

Guest crg

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Hello, I have a question regarding adding stamps.   I am looking to avoid "some" tediousness.

If i have a stamp or 2 to add the add stamp wizard is great.

Im at one case now with Gold Coast, the George VI definitive series 115-127 with a perf 12 are all there.   The 115a-127a with perf 12*11.5 are not.   

Is it possible using stamp catalog view or another to just copy 115 record and add the perf change to paste into a 115a record?   its the only change and this would go a lot faster if I didnt have to reenter all details in the add stamp wizard.  I cant seem to find a duplicate or copy/paste function.


Thanks in advance.


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ok wow, I must have spent an hour trying to figure that out.  I post the message go back to stampmanage and by chance right click on a stamp, click open stamp data manager and there is a add subvariety button.

Problem solved.

sorry :(



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