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Stamp Blocks

Guest Russ

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This software only gives the option for blocks of 4, how do identify other blocks that might be blocks of 6 or 8 or others ? Trying to add stamps to my album but not sure how to ID other size blocks?

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On 4/4/2020 at 7:55 AM, dickelliott said:

When adding stamps, in the format field, simply type in your format (Block of 8 etc)

Yes this is correct thanks.  For Most of the pull down lists in the ADD COIN dialog, if the option is not in the pull down list you can manually enter a new one into the edit section of the pulldown.

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Still unsure about recording a block of 4.  In an earlier answer I thought I read put 1 in the quantity and block of 4 in the format.  It did not appear that the value recorded was at 4 times the one stamp rate.  What is the best way to record a block of 4?

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