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notes input does not correlate to the comments search

Guest JohnR

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Guest JohnR

Just downloaded and registered the 2020 version... Looks GREAT.... Like the new look!!

Please note that when you input a "Note" for an item of which I have many records reflecting notes, and later try to do a search on the "notes" field for a word , number etc... There is not a correlated search parameter for "Note". BUT if you do a search for a "comment" (This is the "Note") you see what is in the note. Kind of confusing... I would suggetst you change the title "note" to Comment. as many people may be searching for a word under the note field.


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This may be a different manifestation of the same issue:

In version 2020, when entering text in the "Properties" "Additional" tab's "Comments" dialog area, after clicking "OK", the comment is then displayed in the "Overview" pane under the heading of "Notes".  This is consistent with the behavior of prior versions.

However, after navigating to a different room, location or quitting and re-opening HomeManage 2020, the Note is gone from the Overview pane, and also from the Comments dialog area.

Essentially, there now is no permanent way to enter and keep comments on an asset.  Comments entered in prior versions (I have used versions 2011 thru 2019) still display in version 2020.  You just can't create new ones.


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