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WORK AROUND..Attachments are just Links and a work around...

Guest JohnR

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Guest JohnR

This is just a work around for now... it is hopped that Liberty Software will include folders called "attachments" and Videos" in the future when home manage is installed OR maybe included in a future update...

This is a problem if you create a backup of "home manage" (which is a zip file), store this back up say in a thumb drive. If you think you can restore your inventory records after, say a computer crash, and this will contain you attachments or room videos you are wrong. The attachments are just links to the attachment... These attachments are not contained in the directory /sub directories of "Home Manage". If you want to ensure that you can recover your complete inventory from the back ups you create must create a sub directory to store these "attachments". It appears that the only directories / folders scanned and backed up by the backup process are those that are created when you install homemanage. Therefor if you create a directory / folder to contain these "attachments" make sure it is a child /sub folder / sub directory of the directories that were created when home manage was installed. I would suggest you create these folders ,under the "data" folder. This way when you create your back up it will contain these "attachments" . If you store movies of the rooms you are inventorying you can store these under a folder you create under the "data" folder possibly called "videos or maybe movies. You could even create sub directories for each "room" to store your attachments and videos. I say the above because I created sub folders under home inventory to contain my attachments and room videos but theĀ  folders were not contained in the back up I created unless these folders were under one of the folders created when home manage was installed and I added these folders as mentioned above.

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