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New Graded/Bullion Report Design

Guest Carl

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Guest Carl

Currently there are two Bullion Reports available, each requiring B.V. in the Condition field in order to display and/or print a report.  In order to utilize these reports I would need to change over 3,000 entries saving the real Coin Condition in a field like Comments and replacing it with a B.V. Condition, thus gaining a Bullion Value and losing the Grade and Graded Value.  

The design of attached report solves this issue by combining both the graded and B.V. features into one report.  Preparing the Collection to utilize this report requires minimal effort on the user. 

Originally, I used only one Collection, now I have two (Regular Issue and Bullion Issue) with multiple countries listed under each one.  I moved (not copied) all my Bullion records (coins, slabs, wafers, rounds, and so on) into my Bullion Issue Collection.

In the Group Header “Years Issued” is defined and data is displayed using field Coin.UDF2 (hand inputting the years issued for each type).  There is no field under Coin (Coin.YearsIssued) as there is under Values and Database YearsIssued.  Additionally, in the Group Header “Coin Specifications” is defined and data is displayed using field Coin.UDF1.  This information can be easily entered by following the directions given in the “How Do I” section 5.3, page 80 of the Getting Started Guide under User Defined Fields.  Each time you add a new record, the two fields will need to be addressed. 

In running this report I ran into issues where the bullion value and ounces would not display correctly within the Group/Type.  This problem is caused when two or more bullion content values are listed within a type/years issued “50 Cents Kennedy (1964-Present) and Canada 25 Cents Elizabeth II (1963-Present)”are a couple of examples.  In order to solve this issue I went into the Database Editor and added a new type (50 Cents Kennedy Silver Clad (1965-1970) and Canada 25 Cents Elizabeth II (1968).  This process establishes a new Coin ID type and corrects this issue.

 Benefits: Combines two important elements into one report.  Provides years issued and bullion info in one area and allows for a Comments field. Provides total bullion ounces and bullion value by Type and retains original Coin Condition grade (F12, AU50, B.V. and so on).  This report provides less work and maintenance for the user.  What could make this report better?  Adding Coin.YearsIssued to the Coin field and adding YearsIssued to the Sort table (Country>Denomination>Type>YearsIssued).  

image.png.7e33a517446daad6865096f5d9f07ec5.pngU.S. & Foreign Coins-Graded & Bullion Values.lst
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