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Poland Database Really Messed Up

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I recently acquired a collection of Poland stamps and will soon be in the process of entering them into SM.  I was glancing through the Poland database just now and noticed that there are quite a bit of problems with it.  I have only looked at the general issue stamps so far but here are some of the problems.  First, the general issue stamps have not been updated since 2010 (yes I am using SM 2020).  Additionally, beginning in early 2008 the the Scott numbers are wrong.  And additionally, by the middle of 2008 there appears to be an entirely different numbering system being used as suddenly the numbers jump from 3900 or so to 4900 or so and unfortunately they still do not even correlate with the correct scott number if you change the first number from a 4 to a 3.  (And those numbers do not correlate with any recognized numbering system i.e, not Michel, Yvert, or even Fischer.)  So is  this or will this be looked at by SM or is this something that we users (I guess namely me) will have to take on...though my last effort at doing something like this for Monaco never seemed to make it into the SM database so I am reluctant to start doing this again.

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As a generalization Within SM image file CountryID 765, then inages from 3,900 to 4,900 need change the 4 to a 3 as you say, but many images thereafter need to delete 1 from the Scott number.

I have covered Poland to Scott 4000 images:-


However the file 765 is incomplete for images over Scott 5000

regards Colin

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Even the delete 1 pattern changes quickly as the numbers in the curreent SM Poland database during 2008-2010 often give whole numbers to stamps where Scott has assigned them as small "a", "b" etc.  I have gone through and corrected all the numbers for that period and changed the images accordingly and have updated the info to SM.  My next step will be to add stamps from 2010 to the current period when I get a chance.  Though another issue has cropped up as will be mentioned in another post shortly.  

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Back in May I cleaned up part of the Poland database as described above.  Essentially, I corrected the Scott numbers for the years 2008-2010 and renumbered the images to correspond to the corrected Scott number.  I also deleted the incorrect items from the database.  As a reminder, the problem is that for the 2008-2010 period someone had entered Scott numbers which were approximately 1000 higher than they should have been.  I also uploaded all the changes to SM.

Today, I was looking at the database and found that all of those incorrect Scott numbered items (numbered from 4906 to 4995a) were back in the database.  Those entries entirely duplicate the corrected entries (3905-3981a).  That means there are two different Scott numbered entries and two images now for each of those stamps.  And when checking the 2020 Stamp Manage Catalog it shows that those incorrect entries were added back by Liberty Street on July 5, 2020!!

So not sure what happened here...but this needs to be cleaned up.  I can (again) delete those entries from the database but unless Liberty Street does something to prevent their return, this will obviously not solve the problem.

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