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Problem When Adding New Stamp Numbers via the Stamp Data Manager

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In the past when I have added new stamp numbers to an existing country data base using the Stamp Data Manager, I was able to add all of the new stamp info., then click on the apply button, which would retain the information I had just added and increase the stamp value by 1 digit...which would allow me to make any necessary changes to the data fields and proceed along to easily add additional stamp numbers.  Now, however, when I am using SM2020, the "apply" button is greyed out so I can only add one stamp number at a time and must repetitively add the detailed information even if it is roughly the same as the immediately prior stamp number I have just added.

Is this a bug in SM2020, or am I possibly doing something wrong?

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HI, we will take a look at this soon.  We are working on a new free update to StampManage by the end of the month. 

Have added quite a few new values & images.  Having some problems figuring out why and toolbar customizations are not being saved properly.

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1 hour ago, maineiac13 said:

Thank you for the reply.  It would be great if this was fixed in that update as the current problem makes it very time consuming if there are many new numbers to add.

yes, if we can reproduce here we will certainly fix it for the update

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Guest Madagascar stamp

I'm relatively new to SM2020, so maybe there is an obvious fix that I just can't see. 

How do you create a new stamp entry when there isn't one there?  Example:  Madagascar.  If I click on "add stamps" the new page comes up that lists many stamps from Madagascar, but certainly not all.  It jumps from Scott #152 in 1930 to #269 in 1945.  I know that the stamp I am trying to enter into the database is from 1943, but how do I create a new number and entry page for it?  STAMPWORLD's web page says it is 1943 and called "Traveller's Tree," but SM2020 doesn't have an entry for this.  Is there a button for "create new stamp" that I just don't see?


Many thanks,


Greg Mahler

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The Add stamp button only adds a stamp to your collection, but that stamp must be listed in the database.  Tp add a new stamp to the database, go to the Tools menu and click on Stamp Data Manager.  To add a value after you've added a new stamp go to Stamp Manage Catalog and choose the values table (2020)

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