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Confused About MDB Files in SM2020

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I'm confused about the whole upgrading data base files. If someone could straighten me out I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm going from SM2009 to SM2020 my stampdata.mdb file is fairly small 22kb compared to the one with the new program 206kb, from what I can gather you are to replace my stampdata.mdb file from 2020 and replace it with my file from 2009. When I try that I seem to lose all the data for the "add stamp" component but I have my old data base that I can see in the new program. Is there only one data base file that stores "my collection" as well as all the data and images for the rest of the world adds? And if that is the case how do I combine the two files or is there supposed to be two different locations for these two files? I have enclosed a screen shot of the directory where I thought  the file is supposed to be but something is not right.


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Hi, 22kb doesnt sound right, sure thats not 22mb?  The STAMPDATA.MDB file contains ALL text information in the program including:

1/ The pre-defined database with all the stamp varieties (varieties table)

2/ Any stamps you have added to inventory (mycollection table)

also includes all attachments, notebook items, dealer, customer info.

We have been meaning to do a video on this subject, will try to get around to it for the weekend.

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