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Print to PDF Problems

Guest FredF

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Guest FredF

I have a Mac (2019- Catalina) and am running CMDelux '20 on a virtual Windows 10 machine (Parallels v.15) and have a database of almost 2500 records. CM20 freezes up when I try to print a custom card format report that prints a "catalog" of the selected items, one coin per page, almost half the records have images. I tried opening and saving the card report file, I have Microsoft Print to PDF and Quicken PDF Printer but I don't have Adobe's PDF Printer. It only comes with full Adobe Acrobat, the free Adobe Reader does not include it.  I also tried running the included reports and they also froze when there was a large selection to print. CM has been running fine up until now. I've tried everything and really need some help solving this. Am including an example of the output of my custom report and the report files.US-03-Cents.pdf

I'll be glad to send any files or additional info needed t o chase this down. I did not try to re-install the app.


Fred Fishel- ffishel@nyc.rr.com

CoinDetail-fcf.~crd CoinDetail-fcf.crd CoinDetail-fcf.crp CoinDetail-fcf.crv

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Hi, you are using the PRINT TO PDF as the printer driver?  have you tried selecting PDF as the output report format? 

The default option in PDF-Report.pngthe PRINT OPTIONS dialog is PRINTER,  you can click on the down arrow to export a report to different formats including PDF.

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