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What's the difference? a Duplicate, a Clone, and a Copy


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Lately I've been adding several hard disks to my inventory for my NAS. Since they are all practically the same except for serial number, manufacturing date, purchase location and cost and details like that, I've needed to enter basically the same information many times. So I noticed the Duplicate function on the context menu when right-clicking an item in the list. I also noticed the Clone function on the toolbar. I noticed that both of these have the same icon associated with them. Then I noticed on the Actions menu a Move/Copy Item(s)s... option. I didn't find explanations for these functions in the PDF manual or the help file. As I don't want to experiment with my data, a few questions came to mind about using these options which are apparently intended to allow copying an item in some fashion:

  1. What are the differences between Duplicate, Clone and Copy Items(s)?
  2. What is the use case for each option? When would you use them to maximum advantage?
  3. What if any drawbacks/limitations are there with each option?

Anyone figure this out? Please share.

Thanks in advance!


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Does no one use this capability? I did run into some quirks when using the Clone capability that caused me to rework some of my entries -- I'm still not certain those entries are ok. Does Clone (or any of the copy methods) leave lingering link between the original and the copy so that when an attribute (which attributes?) of the original is changed, the same attribute of the copy changes as well? Seems like there is some utility here, just having difficulty figuring it out. Help!



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