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Proposed Organization

Guest J.A. Collection

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Guest J.A. Collection

Some organization is lacking in the pre-populated coins within CM.  For example, under US Mint Products, the Westward Journey Nickel rolls are all separated into their own type... A better way to organize these would be to call it Westward Journey Nickel Rolls and have all 2004-2006 P&D rolls listed under one section.  Another example is each of the WJ Nickels also has it's own section for bags; would it not be better to have those listed under U.S. Mint Rolls and Bags?  I've attempted to reorganize these myself; however the first time I went to "update data file", everything that was into a new category disappeared.

Proposed Organization

  • U.S. Mint Products
    • Rolls, Westward Journey Nickels
      • 2004 Peace Medal Roll D
      • 2004 Peace Medal Roll P
      • 2004 Kneeboat Roll D
      • 2004 Kneeboat Roll P
      • etc
    • Rolls, Kennedy Half Dollars
      • 2019 Kennedy Roll D
    • Rolls, State Quarters
      • 1999 Connecticut D
    • Rolls, Presidential Dollars
      • 2007 Washington D

Additionally, I would also like to see Proof Sets separated.  I personally only collect the annual proof sets; not silver proof sets, not state quarter proof sets, etc.

Proposed Organization

  • Proof Sets
    • Proof Sets
      • 2020
    • Silver Proof Sets
    • Prestige Proof Sets
    • State Quarter Proof Sets
    • Presidential Dollar Proof Sets
    • America the Beautiful Proof Sets
    • American Innovation Proof Sets
      • 2018 American Innovators
      • 2019 DE, PA, NJ, GA
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