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Presidential Dollars in database


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Hi, do you have the 2020 version and have you downloaded the latest update?  select HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES from the main menu. 

If you do not see presidential dollars that you expected, could you give an example or 2 of missing varieties?

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the variations are different varieties (such as "position a") with their own PCGS numbers.  As far as I know there are no mintage figures available for these sub varieties.  

yes I know it's confusing but we have customers who want every PCGS variety.  What we will will probably do is add a boolean field to the varieties database specifying that a variety is a subvariety or not.  

The user will be able to specify whether they want to see sub-varieties or not when doing an inventory.

This is not something that happened all of a sudden in the 2020 version.  

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Guest mark94025

I'd like to ask when you might have the Presidential Dollars database updated with the minted numbers through 2016 per the link above.

I'd rather not have to manually enter all this data and then relink/resync up later when it is officially included in the database.

Thanks and I do enjoy using your product!


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