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Missing Kennedy 2019

Guest Douglas Dick

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Douglas is correct, there are 2019 P and D KHDs.  Same with me.  They are sold in bags, etc.  And at some point you take them out of the bags and sort them into MS70, MS69, MS-68,65, 64, 63, 60, etc.  And there is no entry in the database.  Same as if you want to sort a penny roll, or nickel roll, or ...  I find that a whole lot of 2019 stuff is missing, virtually of it, and now I have to keep that stuff out of invertoring it for another year, and maybe next year it will show up.

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Maybe this can help.  KHDs are no longer circulated coins.  They are Business Strikes, but they are Uncirculated Business Strikes.  They are made as circulated coins but are not in circulation.  You have to look how they describe them on USM's sites.  Just like the rolls, they are the same -- not circulated.  Anyway, as you go through them you pick out the ones you want to inventory them in their state condition, grade condition,  etc., just like any other coin.  Hope this helps.

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