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Two individual errors, two individual records


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Hi Admins,

Two individual errors, two individual records.  I was making a changed to one record and received "Invalid Bracketing of name 'Unc. Roll]'.

And then in another record while making a change in the Short Description Field: "Syntax Error in CREATE INDEX statement".


The result of both actions: First incident was to add a check in the checkbox, clicking on the box, a sound then display of the syntax error and the no change to the record (I believe but did not notice after the second record), that, entering a change in adding to Short Description Field and clicking "OK" resulted in syntax error chime, syntax error display and no permanent change to record, and then same thing.  As I write this part I heard the syntax error two more times, I believe in the background something happened.

Now the problem is is that if I attempt to add or edit any record I get some type of error -- the Coin Manage program has been rendered useless for some reason.  What can I do to rectify?

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Hi, we tried to reproduce the error with the ROLL checkbox and it's not happening here.  Will see if we can reproduce the issue with Unc. Roll....This CREATE INDEX problem does not make sense.  If you don't want to email us your COINDESC.MDB data file,  do you have MICROSOFT ACCESS on your computer?

if so, try opening the COINDESC.MDB file using MICROSOFT ACCESS, then REPAIR/COMPACT the data file, exit MICROSOFT ACCESS and restart CoinManage.

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I do not have Microsoft Access.

Anyway, exactly what the errors are ( "Invalid Bracketing of name 'Unc. Roll]' and  "Syntax Error in CREATE INDEX statement" )  those are exactly the errors that were on my screen at that time they happened.  I had no advance warning that these errors were going to happen and did not have a camera available to take a picture of them so I wrote them exactly as written on the screen and in their entirety.  I am sure the db or other person who wrote the code for the program knows exactly what they mean and why they appeared.  That is all the information I have.

Please let me know what you find out.   Thank you.

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Here are screen captures for the Create Index error.  I just tried again to edit the record a few minutes ago.

I opened the record, went to Additional Info tab and am trying to edit the Short Description.

The 1st picture (CM1.jpg) is picture of opening that file.

The 2nd picture (CM2.jpg) is change the Short description to re "Business Strike"

The 3rd picture (CM3.jpg) is after clicking on "OK" -- it displays the syntax error.

As you can see, I cannot proceed because id does the same thing when I attempt to continue and add a new record.






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Here's the other record, the one that I checked the box for "Roll", it placed "Unc. Roll" in "Condition" and comes up with the Bracketing error, no matter what I do.


I do not make this stuff up.  The CoinManage Program is doing whatever it wants to do.

I cannot creat a new record without it coming up with another syntax error message.




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