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Stamp file disappearing

Guest Rod

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I am using Stamp Manage 2019. Twice in the last couple of weeks the program has gotten hung up in "Not responding mode" and I had to finally shut it down. Both times when I re-opened it, the entire Hitler's Germany data section vanished.  Is there any way to recover it, or will I have to enter it all yet again?  I try to do an external backup regularly, but guess I missed these.

Any help is appreciated. This is not an easy program to use, but I am trying to get it figured out...

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It has crashed a few times for me when in the Stamp Database Manager section to add new catalog numbers and details but I have never seen it lose data (what you was entering except maybe the last entry when adding new entries.   

After I restart, I go back into the Stamp Database Manager and then select "Close" and they get added then.  You should see them in this view but they will not appear in the database or collections outside the database manager until this is done.

The program has to properly close out the database tool to do housekeeping  to properly add to database.  It takes about 5 minutes or so (may vary on computers).  





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