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Can not edit or remove stamp I added via Stamp Data Manager


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I wanted to add a Scott #1890a to the Italy Database.  I opened the Stamp Data Manager and though I had never done it this way before, noticed that there was an option to "Add Subvariety".  So I clicked on that for #1890.  That produced an item "1890_"  So I then went to change the "_" to "a".  Initially that seemed to work.  Then I closed the Stamp Data Manager.  But when I went to add pricing for that stamp via the Stamp Manage Catalog, that stamp did not show up.

I then went back to the Stamp Data Manager and saw that the entry read "1890_" rather than "1890a"  And now Stamp Data Manager does not let me edit that stamp at all.  So I decided to simply click on "remove"  but nothing happens.  Then I decided to try by clicking on "New" . I then entered the information for 1890a and clicked "OK"  That caused a warning message to pop up that there already was a stamp with that number in the database do I want to replace it.  I clicked "yes".   However at that point the Stamp Data Manager did not as is usual open to the place where you would see the new stamp.  Instead it opened back at the first set of Italian stamps.  When I then went to the place where "1890a" should be it was not there but "#1890_" was still there and it can not be removed.

So I tried to see what would happen if I added a "Subvariety" to "1890_" and the program created a "1890__"  But I was able to delete that new subvariety...but still can not delete "1890_"  So I am guessing that this problem arises as a result of my trying to change "1890_" to "1890a".  

I then went to see what would happen if I tried to add a stamp of "1890_" to my collection.  While that number shows up in the stamp list, when I actually try to add it to my collection, I get an error message saying that "The Microsoft Jet database cannot find a record in the table 'Varieties' with matching field(s) "TypeID,ScottNumber'."

Hopefully I have described the problem in sufficient detail.  This may be a bug in the program when one adds a subvariety and then tries to specify the actual stamp number suffix.  I am attaching an image showing what now shows up in the stamp data manager.

P.S.  I tried closing down SM and re-opening it to see if I could then delete "1890_" from the Stamp Data Manager....but still no. 


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