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Guest Jansroots

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Guest Jansroots

In the application, the pull down list for this field has multiple items that I don't understand...  I have a circle / round cancellation on a used stamp that just has the date in the center. 

There are some duplicates in that category.  Circle - FDI and Circle - Non FDI are in there multiple-times with various typos (I no space after the dash, Not instead of Non, etc. 

First of all, what are the definitions for each entry in the list.

What does FDI mean?

What is the difference between round and circle?




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I was able to figure out that there are multiple entries that mean the same thing, and others that you wish you had. I figured out that to "fix" it, I went to the View By section and selected all the ones that had "mistyped" names, changed my stamps to use the more logical entry, then deleted the ones that had typos. In some cases, I just used properties to fix the typo. 

I now have a clean pull-down list for my stamps that works easily.

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