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Upgrade question

Guest Bill S

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I currently have Stamp Manage Deluxe 2016 (which was updated several times), and want to update to 2020.  My concern is that the db is not consistent with how "sheets" are/were described (at least in US stamps).  There are some called "sheets", "panes", "full panes", "commemorative panes", "pane of 20", "souvenir panes", etc.  What happens when I upgrade?  Because since my choices were not consistent, neither were my inputs.  It even gets dicier when you come across complex issues, i.e. 4694 through 4697.  Am I going to have to go back through and redo all of these to "panes" (I believe it is actually the correct term) instead of sheets now?  Thanks for any advice.

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Hi, you are referring to the STAMP FORMAT field or the variety description in the database? or both maybe.

any values you placed into the STAMP FORMAT field will be retained as you input them.

If there were changes to the description of any varieties in the database you will see the new information.

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