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Some item notebook entries don't display in main panel


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I added a couple entries in the item notebook for a monitor that was already in the database. There were already 5 notes in the notebook, thus making a total of 7 notes in the notebook for the monitor: one note on each day of Jan 16, 17, and 18 in 2018, 2 notes on October 24 and 2 notes on October 27 in 2020. I had no problems entering the notes into the notebook. But when I click OK on the notebook entry dialog and view the results on the main panel, only the last note shows. I thought maybe the older notes got deleted somehow, so I went back into the Notes dialog and all three notes are still there, just as I typed them.

I've entered notes for other items (for example, for my car each time it is serviced), and not all notes show up on the main panel, but it has never been this extreme. Just now I checked and there are 37 notes for my car, but only 10 notes show up on the main panel. For the monitor I mentioned above, there are 7 notes in the database, but only 1 shows up on the main panel.

I have mentioned this problem once before in this forum.

Thanks for your attention


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Hi, the reason for this is that there is only so many characters allowed in the DETAILS view.  So if a notebook list is reasonably long we have to cut off the list.  We will see if we can expand this limit.  I believe it was related to some older browsers that may not be used much anymore.

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