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Has anyone seen this error?

Guest Ron

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I am trying to learn using the trial of Home Manage 2020, but I keep getting this error every time I update a record.  I am also seeing a corruption of the access database.  I am not wanting to continue using it if it will be plagued with issues.  With all the positive reviews I am wondering if this something with the trial or a common issue.







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Hi Ron,

I'm not certain of the cause of the error you list above, but the only time that I've seen that kind of error is when I have tried to enter text that contains an apostrophe in it. For example: User's Manual. HM will choke on the apostrophe and spit out an error usually. Try avoiding single quotes/apostrophes to see if this works around the bug.


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Guest RAS4x5

I see similar error messages on the ADDITIONAL tab and it is very frustrating.  Am trying to like the product but there appears to be issues and cannot find solutions.

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