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Adding multiple stamps to my U.S. Collection


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Yes....per instructions in SM:   

Hold down the Ctrl key while using the mouse cursor to pick the desired stamps from any list of stamps.  Hold down the Shift key to select a continuous range of stamps.

While keeping the Ctrl key down, use the mouse pointer to pick the stamps you wish to select.  To 'unselect' a selected stamp, simply use the mouse pointer and click on it again (with the Ctrl key down).  To revert from multiple selection back to single selection, release the Ctrl key and select any stamp from the list.

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I have the same question as a new user with a complete collection of US since  1930   

When adding stamps in bulk, can you apply a filter so only the major Scott number stamps without sub varieties are shown and selectable in the catalog? 

I mean, for example, that only Scott 4352 is shown, not Scott 4352a, 4352b, 4532c. etc. as well.  That way I could enter a few thousand at a time for initial entry and fine tune things later if wanted.

Otherwise the range select option is of limited use as most people aren't going to have every sub variety of a stamp.


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