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Some Issues with SM 2021


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Just installed SM2021.  Have not had a chance to go over it in detail...but two issues popped up visually immediately.

First is that the font size is HUGE in the main part of the viewing window and I do not see how to change that.

Second is that it did not retain the changes to the column order which I had instituted in SM2020.

I would have loved to post an image showing these things but can not do so because of the limit SM has instituted on the total amount of attachments one can upload to this forum and has not provided a method to remove old attachments so that new ones can be uploaded.  (FYI - there is a thread on this issue but no solution has been suggested by SM to resolve this problem.)

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Guest netguru

Hi Maineiac13,

I just downloaded the install program but checked anyway, tells me 2021 is up to date.

I tried several DPI settings in Windows 10 but honestly, I do not think this is a Windows 10 issue.  I have not experienced this with any other programs on my Windows 10 other than programs from Liberty Street, although I have been using them for years.


I was really hoping.

Well, if anyone finds a solution I would appreciate a yell.  I will be poking around myself, has to be something in my Windows 10 Profile for Liberty Street Software.


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Send a message directly to the support email of SM (techsupport@libertystreet.com) .   That is what I did and I was asked for the screen resolution of my monitor.  Once I told them, I was advised they would make sure that they adjusted the program to reflect the screen resolution of my monitor in the next update.  FWIW, my screen resolution was 3440 x 1440 which reflects a very large 34 inch screen.

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Guest perfect

Copy, there it is, been using 5760 x 1200 with nvidia surround on 3 x 24, 1920 x 1200.

Been using it for over 5 years and never had an issue with the screen resolution before with Liberty Street software.  Makes sense why it is happening in CoinManage also.  Thanks for the advice.


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