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Multiple Varieties (Disregard)


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I was able to enter multiple varieties of Guyana 1337 and 1339.  But, on leaving the set all the varieties were changed to the same variety info for whatever was the last entered variety.

All of the time that goes into adding variety information is lost.  I have been trying to add 1337, 1339 and 2057C for days.
I asked in a previous edit that you disregard my first note on this topic.  I regret to ask you to look at it again.


I have collections of early British and Guyanese surcharges.  Both, for any single issue, have multiple varieties.  StampManage - unless I am missing a trick - seems to assume that I have only one variety.   

An example: Guyana Scott 2057C was printed with three type of obliterators.  There is an uncommon 60mm obliterator.  More commonly, obliterators were either 58mm or 63mm long, printed in alternating pairs that indicate sheet position (not unlike the use of letters in early British - where variety has more substantial impact on pricing).  Additionally, while not variants, there are variations (other varieties) within my collection that I would like to record.  In the selvage of 2057C, there is an alignment dot in one position, only one variety.

In early British (and probably early USA and Russia - certainly the 1990s Former Soviet Republics), the challenge is more complex.  While standard variants have catalogue numbers (moreso in Gibbons than Scott), varieties and attendant prices vary depending color, shade, and cancelation mark and cancelation color.  It is essential that I be able to record them separately.  

In addition to recording variety information, I would also like to attach an image of the variety.  Unfortunately, when I add an image to the variety, it replaces the image for the previous variety.

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